Leonard Peltier

Greetings Family, Friends and Supporters;

I want to update you on Leonard’s situation in his quarantine unit. He has been able to write letters but no phone or e-mail. I spoke to his counselor and administration is looking at next week to lift the quarantine and hopefully

by Un-thanksgiving we should be able to have a legal visit. This quarantine has been hard for Leonard as he has lost a few friends during this time and he has not been able to share his sympathy and love with their families.

With the changing of President’s, we have until Jan. 20th to convince Pres. Trump to grant Leonard Clemency or Compassion.

Our attorney has asked that family, friends and supporters write letters requesting Clemency or Compassionate release for Leonard in a positive and polite manner.

For Compassionate release you can use Leonard’s age 76, and poor health: diabetes, spots on his lungs that have never been diagnosed, arthritis in hips, knees and shoulders as well as an enlarged prostrate that has not been

taken care of for 4 years and an aortic aneurism.

For a Clemency release you can use the following legal issues:

FBI misconduct, Constitutional violations, witness intimidation and tampering, evidence tampering and more. These are a few legal issues you can mention, we will be sending out some sample letters in the next few days you can review to assist you in writing your personalized letter.

Please send your letters to the following addresses

  1. Federal Bureau of Prisons

320 1st St NW,

Washington, DC 20534

  1. White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

Washington, DC 20500

From COVID quarantine Leonard asked the National Office and Board members to put together a Christmas Gift Card Program for Family, friends, and Supporters on Pine Ridge,

Sisseton-Wahpeton, Turtle MT Reservations & Rapid City SD. Leonard suggested Gift Cards instead of sending clothing or food as the money spent on mailing these items could be used to buy more cards.

We have arranged for a friend of Leonard’s to take responsibility for accepting the cards and then distributing them before Christmas to as many folks as possible.

To Pine Ridge- Eileen Janis P.O. Box 525, Pine Ridge SD 57770

To Rapid Cy- Jean Roach 15 Quincy St Apt 2 Rapid City, SD 57701

To Sisseton-Wahpeton- Julia Fike 123 Chestnut St Apt 11 Sisseton SD 57262

To Turtle Mt. – Kimberly Decoteau 10059 BIA Rd. #13, Belcourt ND 58316

New Observations magazine (https://www.newobservations.org/) will be printing additional copies of issue #135 The Pine Ridge Reservations which includes 40 plus paintings of Leonard’s.

You can order the magazine online.

Thank you for your continued support for Leonard and the National Office during this difficult time of COVID. Your support is deeply appreciated.

To ensure your Holiday orders gets to you on time please order early. Due to the virus we are having some supply chain issues and some items periodically go on backorder causing some delays.

To avoid untimely delays please order early.

International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee