Het oudste project van de NANAI, de Karihwanoron Mohawk school, heeft vanwege de corona 10 laptops nodig per 1 september zodat de lessen ook digitaal door kunnen blijven gaan. Hiervoor hebben ze $3.000 canadese dollar nodig (dit is ongeveer €2.500). De NANAI steunt hun met €1.500 en voor het verschil van €1.000 hebben we uw hulp nodig, alle kleine beetjes helpen. Een leuk weetje is dat we als NANAI ook hun eerste computer hebben kunnen regelen en hoe mooi zou het zijn dat we ze nu opnieuw kunnen helpen met de laptops voor de kinderen. Hieronder het verhaal van onze contactpersoon Joely van Dommelen waarom ze de laptops zo hard nodig hebben:

She: kon NANAI,
I would like to say niawenhko: wa (big thanks) or your continued support of Karihwanoron Kanienkeha Owenna Tsi Ionterihwaienstahkwa/Karihwanoron Mohawk Immersion. We have now completed our 31st year in operation. This year was completed in a whole different method in what we are used to, however we managed. Losing some of the children (students) in the last few months due to lack of technical equipment and/or internet connection.
Our teachers did their best to do at least one online class or send language video to their students. This was not planned and therefore we chose not to stress our staff or parents in doing more than what they could given the circumstances.
We will spend some time this summer preparing for the opening of our program in September. We all hope and pray that we can continue in a normal matter however, it is inevitable that this virus will not yet have a cure or vaccine available so some safety precautions and plans on alternative teachings are in order.
Karihwanoron has finally been recognized to receive government funding for the bulk of our program, if we do not reopen in September in some way, we could risk losing it after only being funded for just over one year.
So far, we have plans of opening as per usual with safety precautions in place, we must await for our covid-19 task force to see our building and decide how many kids/staff we can handle in our building safely. If the number is lower than our enrollment, we have discussed rotating classroom on days we cannot have outdoor classes. Some of the teachers will deliver lessons via zoom or google classroom. Karihwanoron has always been a hand on and oral teaching facility, so computers were not high on our list for teaching equipment, nor are they in our budget to purchase. We will need to order 10 laptops for the moment to be prepared for September.

We are grateful to our Holland friends for helping us to purchase these items. For those who may not know, when Karihwanoron opened in 1988 we had nothing… our books and notes were all done on paper and then on a typewriter… our very first computer was purchased with donated funds by NANAI, back then computers were very expensive and it cost over $3000 cad for one computer. We used this computer for many years!

In peace and friendship,
Joely van Dommelen

Karihwanoron Kanienkeha owenna tsi Ionterihwaienstahkwa
P.O. Box 1439
Kahnawake Quebec
Canada J0L 1B0

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Tussenstand van onze laptopactie is dat we totaal al €430 hebben opgehaald! Dat is een heel mooi bedrag waar we heel blij mee zijn en het zou super zijn als het lukt om het gehele benodigde bedrag van €1.000 voor 1 september te kunnen doneren aan ons oudste project van de NANAI, helpt u mee?

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UPDATE AUGUSTUS, Jou Inhoud Komt Hier