Amber sent you a thank you for donating to Food Baskets for Elderly on Navajo Nation-Covid19

Dear Go-Fund Me Donor,

Truthfully, the words I have are not enough to express my, nor the Chinle Planting Hope teams’, gratitude. We are blown away by the tremendous love and compassion shown through your gift! With your support, we’ve helped grandparents across a 50 + miles radius.

Each time we show up to a cheii or masani’s (grandma’s or grandpa’s) home, we follow a strict safety routine to ensure their good health. The boxes are filled with canned goods and shelf stable commodities since a majority of our people live in rural areas with limited and/or no access to electricity and running water. Our seniors are always so thankful for each item. Even though we maintain social distancing when we deliver, the love felt in that moment runs deep and strong, so much that tears leak from both of our eyes! The phrase spoken most often by our receiving elders is “Ahéhéé shan so keí igíí!” The conversation reverbrates in my heart as we drive away to the next home. “Thank you for thinking of me!” Is what they say. “Thank you for the food, it helps”. These are some of the words given to me in dínékéjí (Navajo).

All of this work, the shopping, the boxing, the driving, the safe practices of delivering couldn’t be done without the help of everyone who gave. I speak on behalf of my team and my people, from the bottom of my heart, “Thank you very much for the funds that you’ve donated! Thank you for every dollar, every thought, every share of the Go-fund me link. Thank you many times over! Through your gift of giving and sharing, you’ve saved lives!”

Charmaine Tsosie
Chinle Planting Hope

P.S. In appreciation of your very generous donation, the CPH team would like to send you a special gift. If you are comfortable providing us with your address, we will ship it to you. Please do not feel obligated if this would make you uncomfortable; we just want to show our appreciation.

P.S.S. You can follow us on Facebook at: ChinlePlantingHope